How to approach customers with an eating disorder

Customer in clothing stores

According to Reuters, almost 9 out of 10 teenagers said that they feel pressured to be skinny by the fashion industry and media.


Only in Sweden, more than 100.000 are today suffering with an eating disorder. These are hidden statistics. With more knowledge around this serious topic, I know we can all help to prevent eating disorders developing.

What is an eating disorder and how can you spot the early warning signs and the symptoms of an eating disorder?


People suffering from an eating disorder usually have a very warped self-image. Unfortunately they have grossly inaccurate perceptions of how they look and how others think they look.


There are many different types of eating disorders. A person that appears very thin is not necessarily an anorectic.


To approach customers who are believed to suffer from an eating disorder can be difficult. This training will give your staff the tools to do so without violating the customer´s integrity. For example, how can your staff get the customers to feel comfortable in the changing room? How should you respond if a customer asks if he/she "looks fat" in the garment?


The participants will get practical training in how to handle situations with customers with eating disorders.


They will also learn boths myths and the facts about eating disorders. The content of this training builds on research along with my personal experience as a former bulimic with great interest in fashion and clothing.


Timeframe: appr 2 hours

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